Episode 2.3: Do superheroes dab?


Sarah Steele is the resident superhero at the Department of Modern Languages and Classics at the University of Alabama. Before beginning on the PhD journey in Tuscaloosa, Sarah completed her Master's in Education with an emphasis in Spanish and ESL at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her passion has carried her far in the classroom but with her new path as a PhD student, Sarah's interests have expanded, leading her to pursue more cross-disciplinary focus in research, specifically working with anthropological linguistics. Our conversation with Sarah is a special summer episode of the GradLings podcast for our listeners who may be preparing for a new adventure in academia or transitioning to graduate study.  Sarah gave us some wonderful insight into how her experiences have shaped her motivation and skills that have been key to her success so far. She also gives us a bit of a preview of the process of getting a research project off the ground while working on finding that graduate school niche, which in her case is just being a superhero.