Who doesn't love a good brunch?

Who doesn't love a good brunch?


Hometown: Ozark, Alabama

Background: BA German Studies & Political Science - University of Alabama; MA German Philology - University of Alabama

In Progress: PhD Educational Studies in Psychology, Research Methodology, & Counseling - Qualitative Research, University of Alabama

Linguistic Interests: Qualitative Research Methodology, Administration, Acquisition, Historical, Pedagogy, Germanic, Identity, Education Policy

Life Interests: Politics, SEC Football, Travel, Fishing, Tuscaloosa History, Cars, F1, Old School Rap & Hip Hop, Critical Race Theory


Laughter has no foreign accent

Laughter has no foreign accent


Hometown: Trinity, Alabama

Background: BA Foreign Languages- University of North Alabama; MA Spanish Linguistics- University of Alabama; PhD Spanish Applied Linguistics - University of Alabama

Linguistic Interests: Acquisition, Pedagogy, Spanish, Psycholinguistics

Life interests: Travel, Volleyball, Harry Potter, Study Abroad, Cooking, Swimming

Justin is joining the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics at West Virginia University as an Assistant Professor of Spanish and Language Program Coordinator.


Roll Tide!

Roll Tide!


Hometown: Newport News, Virginia

Background: BA French Language, BA Spanish language, George Mason University; MA French Linguistics, University of Alabama

In progress: PhD French Linguistics - Romance Linguistics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Linguistic interests: Historical, Romance, Sociolinguistics, Language Policy, Minority Languages, Identity, Gender, Sexuality, Bilingualism

Life interests: Football, Literature, American Football, Selfies, Cinema, Volleyball, Yoga, Pop Culture, Tea