"You study linguistics? What is that? How many languages can you speak?"

How many times have you heard this?

Our project was born in the bits and pieces of conversations we had together and with other students that always seemed to lead back to a common theme: there is no platform for students in our field to talk about their interests or share their research. 


We created the GradLings podcast for students at any stage to have a space in which they can discuss their experiences about venturing into the world of linguistics and higher education. The program is intended to promote collaboration among like-minded, passionate, and enthusiastic linguists and highlight their contributions to our evolving field and raise social awareness about what linguistics is all about. 

We release new episodes every few weeks along with various posts on our social media pages about current headlines in linguistics and our own adventures through the challenging and ever-changing world of grad school. You can expect to learn some pretty cool things with us and probably have a bit of a laugh during your study break or with your morning coffee. 

Three grad students nerding out about all things language and linguistics. 

At the heart of all things linguistic is communication, which we all know is a two-way street. This program is for you, the motivated life-long linguistic learner (Say that five times fast!). We want to hear from you! Follow us, tweet us, tag us! Let us know what you're up to and share what you're working on. 

Welcome to GradLings! We look forward to chatting with you. 

- Boden, Justin, & Robbie